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Self-Managed Super.

Made Simple.

Real guys with real experience, helping real people.

Make the most of your super - WE Better Together

Did you know that 33% of all Australian superannuation money is held in SMSFs?

There are many benefits to having a self-managed super fund, including:

  •  Financial Control

  • Save thousands of dollars on annual Super Fees (the average 30 year old could save $250,000 in fees over their lifetime according to the Grattan Institute, 2014)

  • Savings on tax liabilites

  • Ability to buy investment property, invest in the stock market or buy commodities.


So whether you use your super balance to buy an investment property or fancy trading Bitcoin; what you do is up to you.

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"WE Super easy attitude and fixed fee structure suited my needs, so we got it done, transferred our balance from, and closed my old fund. We purchased our office suite I work out of, and feel at last I’m in control of my money and have confidence that my financial future is in my hands, not some unknown, overpaid funds manager".

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