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Self-Managed Super.
Let get started.

Getting started, with WE. Super is as easy! 

WE. Educate you: 

When you partner with WE Super you get access to our to technical information through our member site and a monthly newsletters.

WE. help you to:

  • understand the requirements of a trustee;

  • meet your responsibilities; and

  • get the most out of your SMSF.

WE. Support you

We work across most aspects of self managed superannuation and administer hundreds funds which means we’ve seen our fair share.


WE. help you to:

  • spot opportunities by providing strategic insights;

  • avoid pitfalls – we are proactive; and

  • find answers to all your questions regardless of how complex your fund is.

WE. Do it for you

Our comprehensive service includes accurate and reliable compliance from our team of specialist accountants led by a dedicated Client Relationship Manager.

WE. help you with:

  • complex problem solving;

  • technical advice;

  • support on implementation; or

  • simply a second opinion.

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"WE Super easy attitude and fixed fee structure suited my needs, so we got it done, transferred our balance from, and closed my old fund. We purchased our office suite I work out of, and feel at last I’m in control of my money and have confidence that my financial future is in my hands, not some unknown, overpaid funds manager".


SMSF advantages

There are many advantages, which can be broadly classified into greater control, improved flexibility and tax planning. These are the main advantages:

  • Greater choice of investments – including, for instance, commercial real estate and collectables

  • Flexibility of tax planning and deferment of tax payments

  • You can transfer assets ‘in specie’ – e.g shares, commercial real estate, term deposits

  • Pool family assets into one vehicle, pay one fee (note that the entitlements of individual members will be accounted for)

  • Flexibility regarding transition to retirement options, which can be very beneficial from a tax perspective

  • Access to franking credits, which can be offset against tax payable by your super fund (or you can receive a refund if no tax is payable)

If you'd like to talk to an expert about how best to get the most out of your fund post establishment, please make contact by completing the contact page above.​


The Australian Tax Office has published a booklet to help you decide, whether an SMSF makes sense for you. You can download it by clicking on the image to the left.

Bear in mind that. IWSMSF administration service can help you with compliance, administration and your investments too.

Having an SMSF can be a hugely beneficial wealth creation vehicle and with WE Super, the work and worry can be taken off your hands. However, while you can outsource both the administration and the investing, you cannot outsource your obligations as a trustee or director of your trustee company.

What are you waiting for? With this kind of support you'll be in control of your Super in no time!

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